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Kendra Thornton in London

Three Days in London with Kendra Thornton

June 30, 2016 3:39 pm

US TV travel expert Kendra Thornton recently spent three days rediscovering London with the London Pass. Here she shares her experiences with the London Pass Blog.

It was great to be back in London! I like to think I know the city well, but I had not visited for several years, and London seems more vibrant than ever.

I took a daylight flight across the Atlantic for the first time in my travels, something I’ll recommend to every US traveler in future. It meant that after a very comfortable night at the Berkeley Hotel in fashionable Knightsbridge, I was wide awake and ready for my first day out and about in London.

Day 1
I headed first for Westminster Abbey, familiar to most Americans as the wedding venue for Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. Some of Great Britain’s most famous historical figures, including novelist Charles Dickens and scientist Sir Isaac Newton, had the honor of being buried here, but for me the big draw was getting within a few feet of the altar where Wills and Kate tied the knot. Everyone wants a photo of that spot!

Close by are the Churchill War Rooms. During World War II this underground warren was Winston Churchill’s secret headquarters, and from here he would hold conversations with President Roosevelt to plan each move in the war. The Transatlantic Telephone Room is tiny – probably the world’s most historic closet!

After getting the all-important tourist shots (as Chevy Chase would say, “Big Ben! Houses of Parliament!”) I rode a few stops on the hop-on, hop-off tourist bus that’s now included with the London Pass. I like to do this whatever city I’m in; what better way to travel between attractions and learn as you go?

I grabbed a bite to eat on the South Bank of the Thames – a popular hangout for Londoners on fine summer evenings, but a convenient lunch spot on a rainy sightseeing day for me – and jumped on the Underground heading for the last attraction of the day: Kensington Palace.

It’s the London home of William and Kate, and Prince Harry has an apartment here too. Sadly none of them made an appearance, but I found plenty to admire in the spectacular King’s Staircase and the beautiful Sunken Garden in the Palace grounds. And don’t miss the Fashion Rules Restyled exhibition of royal dresses worn by Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and the Queen herself.

Kendra Thornton at Westminster Abbey

Day 2
For day one I’d stayed pretty close to my hotel, checking out the west London sights. Now it was time to head east.

Taking the Tube across the city once again I arrived at the Tower of London. I had visited before but the Tower never fails to impress – nowhere else in London do you get quite the same sense of history mixed with danger. If you’ve got a London Pass you get to skip the lines too, which can be a real boon at busy times.

Once you’re inside, the first thing to do is make friends with a Beefeater! These famous and colorfully outfitted characters are actually the Yeomen Warders of the Tower, and they are a mine of information – I joined one of their regular tours and learned so much about this fortress, which was originally built on the orders of William the Conqueror. Did you know this year marks the 950th anniversary of the Norman Conquest of Britain?

I could have spent the whole day enjoying the Tower, but time is precious when you’re on a flying visit. So I took a quick walk over to another famous London landmark: Tower Bridge. I guess every tourist gets a photo of this but I actually went inside this iconic Victorian structure for an absolutely unique London view: through a glass walkway and down to the River Thames 135 feet below! Reassuringly, the glass is strong enough to handle the weight of an elephant, but it was still a strange experience to gaze down at my own feet and see both road and river traffic rushing by beneath them.

The great thing about this part of town is that there are so many attractions to visit, all within easy walking distance. Heading back west along the south side of the river I passed the Second World War battleship HMS Belfast and the 13th-century Southwark Cathedral. Right on the doorstep is the foodies’ paradise of Borough Market, with all kinds of healthy and indulgent treats waiting to be tried. Despite forbidding clouds (that London weather!) the rain held off long enough for me to enjoy a take-out late lunch in the Cathedral gardens.

Southwark, I learned later, is a part of town with many associations with Charles Dickens. But for my final stop of the day I was heading even further back in time to the days of England’s finest writer.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is a faithful reconstruction of the writer’s own playhouse which burned down in 1613 when a cannon misfired during a performance. It’s an open-air theater, as were all such Elizabethan venues, a point which was not lost on me when, on cue, the London skies opened once again. Taking the hint, I headed back to the hotel to plan my evening!

Kendra Thornton Tower of London

Day 3
The last day, and time to get adventurous. That meant leaving central London and heading more than 20 miles west of the city centre to the Royal Borough of Windsor. On the agenda: Windsor Castle. But once again, there was much more to experience.

The London Pass comes in handy for Windsor – you get free travel from Paddington, which is the main rail station in west London. On arrival, the castle dominates the town. I took care to arrive well in time for the traditional Changing of the Guards ceremony, something you can catch most mornings at 11am as the guards march from the town’s High Street, up the hill and into the castle.

I spent a great couple of hours exploring one of the Queen’s official residences. More than 900 years old, Windsor is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, and it’s still Her Majesty’s favorite weekend retreat. The State Apartments are a treasure trove of lavish Royal furnishings and works of art, but the undisputed highlight for me was St George’s Chapel: breathtaking and majestic, several British monarchs were laid to rest here and it is hard to think of a more appropriate place.

The castle aside, Windsor is the kind of quaint English town you never want to leave. In fact, it’s two towns, Windsor and Eton, separated by the river. I found plenty of great options for lunch, from traditional English pubs to al fresco restaurants. But there was only one way to round off a great day out of town.

The character of Windsor, and I think of London generally, is shaped by the Thames. So it seemed only right to get out on the water on a Windsor river cruise, available at a discounted rate for London Pass holders. From the river I got a magnificent view of the castle, as well as Windsor racecourse and the world-famous Eton College, whose students have included Princes William and Harry, Homeland star Damian Lewis and Hugh Laurie of House fame.

As the river boat made its way back to the dock I found myself regretting my choice of an early morning flight back to Chicago. I had seen so much in London, and yet I had barely scratched the surface. Another day, even another few hours, would have been so valuable.

Goodbye, London. I enjoyed every minute of it. Even the rain. And next time, I won’t leave it so long….

Kendra Thornton Tower Bridge


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    YES!!!! the brice sourire

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    Fantastic information….Thanks!

  • Kay Winslette says:

    Does a 3 day London Pass give us 3 days on the hop on/hop off bus? Or does the London Pass only give ONE day hop on/hop off bus when you buy a 3 day pass?

  • Lealie says:

    Do you need the ouster card too??

  • KAMEL says:

    can we use THE LONDON PASS at eye of London

  • piboul says:

    Nous avons un london pass pour 3 jours, ou faut il prendre les billets pour le bus hop on et la croisiere sur la tamise?

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  • Cecilia Liew says:

    Hi , we plan to visit London from March 15-17 2017 with 3 days London pass ! We will going to stay near king cross st. Pancreas & estimated arrive around 2 pm. What kind of activities that you suggest we can do with London pass?

  • Rene' says:

    If we buy a 3 day pass must it be used consecutively! Thank you.

  • Sam says:

    If I get the 3 days pass, vs the 3 days pass with rides what’s the difference, either than the price?
    Let me know thanks

  • Simone says:

    May I choose which days i travel on or do they have to be 3 days in a row?

    • London Pass Blogger London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Simone,

      Thanks for your comment! The passes work on a consecutive day basis, not 24 hour period, i.e. a 3-day pass will be for 3 days in a row. So once your pass is activated, you will be able to use it until the end of the final day of your pass duration. You can find out more here:

      Hope that helps! 🙂
      Best, The London pass team

  • Cyndi Turner says:

    I am travelling from Canada and would like to purchase the London Pass with Travel. Can I travel using my mobile or do I need a physical pass? If I cannot use my mobile what other options are there as I do not wish to pay to have it shipped? I will be travelling from Heathrow to Paddington, how much would that cost me? It seems that if I have to pay to go pick up my card or have it delivered, I will not be saving any money and probably will cost me more in the long run.

    • London Pass Blogger London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Cyndi,

      Thanks for your message!

      Unfortunately, as the London Oyster Card is owned and operated by the Transport For London department, there isn’t a mobile option for the travelcard. Therefore the Mobile London Pass does not include travel.

      If you do not wish to pay for shipping, you can choose to collect your Pass from our Redemption Centre in Central London: 11a Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EP (Nearest Underground Station: Leicester Square, take Exit 1)

      The quickest way to travel from Heathrow to Paddington is via the Heathrow Express train – please note that you cannot use the Oyster card for this journey so would have to buy a separate ticket anyway. However, London Pass holders can save 20% on Heathrow Express train tickets, paying £20.90 for a single journey and £35.15 for a return (Full price: £27 and £41 respectively).

      We hope that helps! If you have any further queries, feel free to contact our Customer care team:

      Best wishes, The London Pass team

  • Celia says:

    If you buy the London Pass and have it downloaded to your phone how do you get the Oyster Card which is included for the Tube?

  • carlos carrizo says:

    Morning, please tell me the prices for the different period. Doesnt include metro transportation?

  • David Robinson says:

    We plan to be in London for 7 days, and are thinking that a three day London pass +Travel might do. We can then add funds to the Oyster card to complete the week. I assume we can use the Oyster card to get to Heathrow by tube (Piccadilly) at the end.
    Is this plan OK.

  • Dan says:

    Hi there,

    I bougth 3 Days London Pass + Travel Oyster, are they syncronized? in other words if we activate London Pass the day 1 in an attraction and use hop on hop off bus and no Oyster cards, and both cards ond Day 2 and 3, can we use the remaining credits for Oyster card on Day 4 or next days? thank you

    • London Pass Blogger London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Dan,

      The London Pass and Oyster Card are separate so if you plan to use your Oyster Card first, it will not activate your London Pass. Additionally your London Pass will expire at 11:59pm on the final day of your pass duration however, you can continue using your Oyster Card after the London Pass has expired, as long as there is credit on the card.
      If you need to add more credit to your Oyster Card, you can do so with cash, debit or credit cards at any London Underground and Train Stations.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      Best, The London Pass team

  • Can i use the Pass to travel by train or bus to towns like Oxford or Cambridge for the day.

    • London Pass Blogger London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      Unfortunately you cannot use the London Pass to travel as it is a sightseeing card, giving you free entry to London landmarks, museums, attractions, tours etc. There are exclusive deals that include day trips outside of London for our London Pass users, you can find full details here:

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      The London Pass team

  • Lilypad15 says:

    If people say laughing can cure you, who is who said you can die laughing?

  • Marj says:

    Leaving for London from Hawaii March 15; Will I receive my London pass vial mail? Is the London Pass a card that I would keep in my wallet – as I don’t own a fancy smart / cell phone.
    And about how long will it take to receive the guidebook?
    Also, I read online that currently there is no mobile Oyster Travelcard option.

    Because I plan to stay outside of London – Woodside Park, would it be best to also purchase the London Travel card?

    • London Pass Blogger London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Marj,

      You can choose to have your London Pass shipped direct to you or pick it up from our Redemption Centre in central London. Standard worldwide shipping takes approximately 15 working days from when you place your order.

      Unfortunately, there is not currently a Mobile Oyster Travelcard – the Transport For London department who own, operate and make the cards have not made a mobile option yet.
      You can use the Oyster Card across London’s transport networks from Zones 1-9, however please note that if you plan to use your Oyster card to travel in and out of Woodside Park (which is in Zone 4) every day, it may use up your pre-loaded credit during your visit, so you may need to top up your card while you’re in London.

      You can find out more information here:

      Best wishes,
      The London Pass team

  • Elly says:

    Between March 23 to 27 will be in London. I want to know what kind of London Pass can buy for 2 people to visit the Eye, Big Ben, the museum Madame Tussard, Buckingham Palace? Any suggestions? Thank you

    • London Pass Blogger London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Elly,

      Thanks for your message. The London Eye and Madame Tussauds are not included with the London Pass and unfortunately members of the public cannot visit Big Ben unless they fit a strict criteria and have contacted their MP or a member of the House of Lords to request a visit. Tours tend to be sold out for up to 6 months in advance.
      Buckingham Palace is only open for public tours in the Summer – 2017’s season will run from 22 July to 1 October, so if you plan to visit in March, you will not be able to book a tour to Buckingham Palace.

      The London Pass offers free entry to 60+ London attractions, such as Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and more, as well as a Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus tour and River Thames cruise. You can find out more information on all the included attractions here:

      Hope that helps!

      Best wishes,
      The London Pass team

  • we are family of 4 ,planning to travel to london in the month of june , i want to know that is london travel pass is valid on tubes and buses and other govt. travel mode.


    • London Pass Blogger London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Sanjay,

      Thanks for your message. The London Pass is a city sightseeing card, however you can purchase a London Pass + Travel package that includes an Oyster Travelcard which allows you to travel across London’s transport networks. You can find out more information here:

      Best wishes,
      The London Pass team

  • Sharon Laur says:

    Hello.. we plan to visit London Sept. 2017 for 8 days.. main goal is to see Buckingham palace **including all the state rooms** what would you recommend for a pass??? I am new to London, never been…Looking to tour around for a week, using public transit.. simpler the better, but on a budget!

  • Susan Gornik says:

    we are traveling to Londod in May, and I need to find out if I am understanind the card use correctly:
    seems to me I am pre-paying for the listed attractions and then everytime I go to see one, that entry fee is deducted from my bought credit (3 days = BP 295). Same for the Oyster Card, I buy a certain value, and they deduct depending on how many zones I travel.
    Am I understanding this correctly?? This is what the website states:

    The London Pass is also subject to a “purse value” of maximum gate prices (a total value of attraction entries) related to the number of days on your pass. For example; with a 6 day adult London Pass (online price: £139) you get a whopping £565 worth of attraction entry! If you exceed your “purse value”, the pass will expire. Here is a complete breakdown of purse values.


    • Leisure Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Susan,

      Yes you’ve got that right! However, please note however that now the purse values have increased so eg. with a 6 day London Pass you get £575 worth of attraction entry!

      Hope that helps 🙂

      Best wishes,
      The London Pass team

  • MangoT says:

    Hi, we are traveling to London next month; just to check by purchasing the London pass with travel, means that we get unlimited “Free” access to those attractions and unlimited “free” rides on tubes and buses within those few days?
    Also, if we are planning to go to those stadium tours, do we need to book in advance?
    How do we go about it? What is the procedure like?
    Do advise.
    Thank you.

  • Himali Jayasuriya says:

    thanks for your fantastic information.

  • Bette says:

    If we purchase the online London Pass does that mean that our family can not split up and see different sites at the same time as the pass will be on one phone?

  • Karen says:

    We’ll be in London over the Easter Weekend. Will any of the attractions be unavailable?

  • Pauline says:

    Does the pass have to be used on consecutive days or can you take a break in-between?

  • Anne Piccoli says:

    I am so confused! I need to travel around London for 3 days and see the attractions. Will the 3 day pass give me 3 days of hop/on hop/off travel or just one? If it includes just one, would the oyster card include both bus and train travel? I really don’t want to take cabs everywhere. Thanks for your help.



  • Jean says:

    I will be traveling from Clacton to London on several different days to sight see and wondered if it would be worth getting a London Pass if I can only use it on conservative days. Can you suggest something other than staying in London.

  • Wal Carter says:

    We are on a limited time frame ,is there a 2 day London Pass, if so what is the price ??

  • norisham Radzi says:

    will bring my family for the fist time to london.

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