Is The London Pass worth it?

August 19, 2014 9:00 am

Before a trip to London, there are many decisions to be made – especially if you’re coming from further afield. You want to cost-effectively see and do as much as possible; visit all the typical London attractions and experience everything the city has to offer… But how?

This usually comes with a price and usually a lengthy time-scale is required to make sure you can fit everything you have planned into your holiday. But that’s where The London Pass comes in.

The London Pass is a sightseer’s saving grace. The answer to all your tourist needs, it will help you make the most out of your holiday – while helping you save money and time. We know that both time and money are precious when you are away, and there’s a limit to how much you can do. Our promise is to help you make the most of what’s available and give you a little extra at the end, too; making The London Pass well worth it, according to a satisfied London Pass Tripadvisor review.

The way it works is this: the pass grants you free entry to over 60 top attractions in London. That means no extra money required to get into the most popular landmarks, museums and monuments in London. For instance, the Tower of London, no extra charge, Tower Bridge, no extra charge, Kensington Palace, no extra charge, London Zoo, you’ve guessed it, no extra charge – among many others!

Too good to be true? Simply turn up to your chosen attraction and show your London Pass to the member of staff at the entrance or ticket barrier and they will let you straight through. At a number of attractions, the pass will also act as your VIP ticket in – so you can walk past the queues (which can be pretty long in peak months) with Fast Track Entry and save yourself a few hours of waiting.

It’s that easy.

In durations of 1, 2, 3, and 6 days you can chose the pass to most suit your trip. The longer the pass duration though, the more value for money you get. The 6 day pass works out at only £18 a day – which is the average price of just one London attraction. And let’s be honest, you’re planning on visiting more than one a day anyway! Actually, with the pass you can have your pick of more than 59 others for free (or realistically, as many as you can fit into 6 days!)

The London Pass allows for flexible sightseeing, with the aim to give back to the sightseer. Not only does the pass grant you free entry into a number of London’s most popular attractions, but it also gives you a wide range of discounts and other offers, too, like reduced cinema tickets and bowling.

If you really want to plan ahead, why not consider adding on a travelcard to The London Pass, too. This option is a great one to choose if you want to really explore the city. Valid from zones 1 – 6, it allows you unlimited journeys on the tube, buses and overgrounds for the duration of your pass – making sightseeing that extra bit easier.

When it comes to planning your trip, we’ve thought of it all – we even chuck in a free guidebook, too. With over 160 pages (and over nine different languages) our guidebook lists all of the attractions included in the pass, as well as opening times, normal entry costs and address and directions. You’ll also find a map and tube map as well as top tips while you discover the city.

Is The London Pass worth it?


  • It’s tailor-made for the modern sightseer
  • It’s an all-inclusive pass that allows you entry into over 60 of London’s top attractions
  • You’ve got the option of adding on a travelcard to explore the city across London’s transport network
  • It’s great for families, independent travellers, seasoned travellers, couples and small groups
  • It promises to save you money and time at London’s top attractions granting you free and fast track entry at selected locations

Why don’t you check out our video to give you a flavour of how your trip to London might look like with The London Pass… Be inspired and make your trip one to remember!


  • Avatar Arthur says:

    I am interested in a list of the sites and attractions the London Pass gives me access to and at what cost. Very simple, Very easy.
    Thank you

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Arthur,

      You’ll be able to find a full list of the attractions included in the pass, here. This list contains all of the attractions where no further payment is necessary – that’s over 60 attractions you can visit for free!

      If you click into each attraction it will list the normal gate price, so you can work out the savings you’ll be making.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar maria stertzer says:

    We´re visiting London in January 2015 for three days. (2 adults, one 14 year old child, and a retired person) .
    I´d like to know how much the London Pass would cost , including the travelling card.
    As we live in Argentina, how can we receive the voucher?
    What .attractions would be included for a 3 day stay?
    Thank you very much.


    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Maria,

      We’re pleased to hear you’ll be visiting us in the New Year.

      The price of a three day Adult London Pass is £108 with a travelcard and the price of a Child London Pass with travelcard is £67. To find out more about the breakdown of prices, please visit our prices page.

      Upon purchase you can select shipment of the order to your home in Argentina (we can ship FedEx as an option) alternatively you can collect your passes in London for free, when you arrive in the city. Find out more about shipping and collection, here.

      During your three day stall all 60+ attractions are included – it’s up to you how you wish to plan your itinerary and fit them into your sightseeing schedule.

      If you require any more information about our product and want to find out more about how it works and what you get, our site is full of information – as well as explanatory videos.

      I hope this was useful.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar JP Dahl says:

    My girlfriend and I are from South Africa and are going to London in December this year for 7 or 8 nights before we head off to Paris and then Prague.
    I am curious to know if the pass allows you to enter more than one main attraction in one day? Is there a limit as to how many attractions you can visit per day?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Jean Paul

      The London Pass is your ticket into over 60 attractions, it’s as simple as that! Depending on your pass duration you can enter as many attractions within the ‘purse value’ of the pass – this is a fixed value of the maximum gate prices related to the number of days. For example, with a one day adult pass you can visit up to £90 worth of attractions; two days is £180; 3 days is £270 and 6 days £540. So as you can see the longer the pass, the better value for money. This means you can visit as many attractions up to the values above.

      To get an idea of the entry costs for each attraction, check out their attraction pages – you’ll quickly see that with The London Pass you’ll make an instant saving as most London attractions average around £10-15 entry alone. With The London Pass – you won’t have to pay anything as the card is your ticket into all the attractions included.

      To find out more, our How it Works and What you get pages are very helpful.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar DAVID says:

    Hello good day.

    I’m from Monterrey Mexico, I made a purchase on line 2 london pass for 6 days on July 21, with shipment at home; however it has not reached me, the delivery time is 15 business days. My flight leaves on September 14, I would be sure that I receive the card, or instruct me if I can make the rehearing in London and where they can do.

    I communicate by skype but I can not provide tracking fedex shipping.


    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi David,

      We’re pleased to hear that you have decided to purchase a London Pass in the run up to your trip.

      According to our records your order was despatched on the 22nd July, but please understand our standard shipping is not a tracked service, so we won’t be able to give you any specifics on delivery time or item location.

      Please contact our customer service team where they will be able to help you further. They can be contacted on: +44 20 7293 0972 or if you would prefer a Skype call, please ring our Skype number: (+44) 20 7193 9776

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Paula Kourian says:

    I am not clear on the distinction between the 6-day pass and the 6-day pass with travel. What is the added benefit to adding the “with travel” aspect? Also in traveling with an 11- and 9-year old, should I only purchase for the 11-year old and have the 9-year old travel free with my adult-paid ticket? How would that work in accessing the tourist attractions? Presumably we would lose the easy access, although traveling in November is not high season, and have to pay child entry fees at the attractions. And how is the child admitted at the stations or on buses without a pass? Thank you.

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Paula,

      The 6 day London Pass with Travel is an add-on element which includes a zones 1-6 travelcard valid for 7 days, over the duration of your pass. The added benefit of adding on the travelcard option means you can travel to and from all of the attractions you wish to visit without having to worry about buying daily travel fares; all your travel is included in the travelcard ticket and you can travel across the transport network at any time of day, any day of the week.

      Your 9 and 11 year olds don’t need a Child London Pass with Travel, they just need a Child London Pass. They can travel on the transport network free of charge as long as an adult, ie, you, have a valid Travelcard yourself.

      If you purchase a London Pass with Travel (Adult) and two London Passes (Child) this will allow you all into all of the attractions included, and allow you to travel on the transport networks for free, for the duration of your stay.

      Hope this helps.
      The London Pass Team

      • Avatar Kim says:


        We have purchased four 6-day London Pass with the Oyster TravelCard option. From your response above, you mentioned that the 6 day London Pass “includes a zones 1-6 travelcard valid for 7 days, over the duration of your pass”. Does that mean we are able to travel unlimited for 7 days? Or is it based on the value in the Oyster TravelCard (in this case, 40 GBP)? For example, if we travel from zone 6 to zone 1 each day and reach the maximum value of 11.7 GBP, would we have to refill money into the card by day 4? In other words, it is not truly “unlimited”?

        Thank you for your help in advance!

        • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

          Hi Kim,

          The Oyster Travelcard credit system works with a daily spend limit. This means that you will only spend a certain amount on travel each day, before travel thereafter is free of charge. This means your credit will go further. If you are planning on travelling mainly within zones 1-2 (which is where most of the attractions are) then you’ll only spend £6.40 on travel per day as this is the daily cap for these zones. From a single journey perspective, this means that you just need to make three journeys before any travel thereafter is free – meaning you won’t spend any credit for the rest of that day.

          I hope this makes sense. The credit system been designed to save you more money and is the most cost effective way of travelling. We have endeavoured to make the credit supplied with the London Pass last you for your journeys around London.

          The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Sean says:

    I have a 3 year old, does he need a London Pass, or is he free to most attractions?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Sean,

      Your three year old will not need a London Pass – he can enter the attractions for free.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Mani says:

    I will be in London from 15th February to 15th March, 2015. As the visit is for business purposes, I would not be able to tour London other than on Weekends. What options does London Pass offer as from what I read till now, the pass is only for consecutive days. Many thanks.

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Mani,

      We do not offer weekend only passes, but we do sell 1 or 2 day passes. Obviously the longer the pass duration, the better the value – so it would be up to you how you choose to see the sights, whether all in one go (as the pass has to be used on consecutive days) or Sat-Sun only.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Megan says:

    How many attractions can i visit per day?
    Is there a daily cap or the cap can be spread out over days as per my discretion

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Megan,

      The passes work with a ‘purse value’ system, which varies depending on the duration of your card. For more information visit our How it Works page: and under the When does the London Pass expire, it will explain it further.

      The London Pass

  • Avatar Megan says:

    Is there a DAILY CAP for a 3 day pass or can the £270 be used based on my discretion?
    How many attractions can i see per day

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Megan,

      The £270 relates to a total amount of attraction entry costs. Usually this averages about 3 attractions a day but it really depends on personal use, interests and location.

      The London Pass

  • Avatar Lolita says:

    Is there a daily cap on number of entries (different attractions) or amount on a 3 day pass. Can the 270 cap be utilized in two days?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      There is no cap on the number of entries, but only entries up to the value of £270 in total over your three days. It cannot be weighted differently over any other durations – otherwise it will become invalid.

  • Avatar Ranjith KUmar says:

    Hi, The purse Value for 2 days pass is £205. Does this mean like I can use this purse value for 2 days without any restriction? Example, Day 1 I may use for £180 and day 2 I may use for the rest of £25.

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi! That’s right! There’s no restriction on the purse values for the passes 🙂

      Best wishes,

      The London Pass team

  • Avatar Maidel Perez says:

    Is there a limit to how many attractions we can see in one day with the London Card?
    I’d like to see Windsor Castle at 09:30AM,
    Westminster Abbey
    Then St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge Exhibition, Tower of London and then The Shard

    Can I do this with a one day pass?
    I’d also like to add the oyster card.
    Will I be able to refill the oyster card after my pass expires?

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