NEW London Pass Attractions for 2015

May 18, 2015 2:50 pm

The London Pass is bigger and better than before – this year we’ve signed on three more London attractions, not to mention making our product even more easy to use and cost-effective by changing our travel package form a paper ticket to the electronic all-inclusive Oyster.

Now you get even more for your money with the London Pass as we’re including free entry to Science Museum and IMAX 3D Theatre, the iconic and historic Cutty Sark tea clipper – plus we’re adding on an extra tour with Best LDN Walks. So there’s something for everyone!

Tell us a bit more, you ask?

Science Museum IMAX 3D Theatre

The Science Museum’s IMAX Theatre is one of London’s most popular visual experiences and promises to broaden your minds and challenge your perception of reality. Sit back and enjoy a film on a screen the size of four double decker buses and immerse yourself in the action, nail-biting thrills and seat-gripping tension.

You can choose from a range of shows including Under the Sea, Hidden Universe and Robots for three different experiences. Swim under water with the deadliest creatures, or go around our solar system and to the moon, or look into the future and meet our robotic friends for a really unique encounter.

With the London Pass you can enjoy a free ticket to the IMAX and watch a film of your choosing, as well as enjoy 10% off in the Science Museum Gift Shop and Restaurant.

Cutty Sark

One of Greenwich’s most iconic monuments, the Cutty Sark tea clipper is the last of its kind, as well as boasting a reputation of the fastest and greatest! Step on board and learn about life on this ship and learn of those who sailed her great sails and of those who journeyed with her around the world.

The Cutty Sark is moored in a dry dock just beside the National Maritime Museum and gardens, so she has a picturesque surrounding in the quiet borough of Greenwich. This sea-worthy ship is an icon of British industry in the late 19th century and her history is her legend; she’s even listed in the National Historic Fleet which is the equivalent of a Grade 1 Listed Building!

Go below deck and tuck into Afternoon Tea at the Even Keel Café right underneath the ship’s hull, so you can look up at the impressive feat of engineering that makes her so iconic.

Best LDN Walks Sherlock Holmes Tour

Best LDN Walks have added on an extra tour, especially for the fans, the Sherlock Holmes Tour! This is a really interactive tour and one for those who love a bit of dress up, with deerstalker hats and capes readily available! Take to the streets from Trafalgar Square and you’ll be led through the locations made famous from this popular series.

Get involved and play detective; split into groups and be the Watson to their Sherlock. It’s a great way to see the sights of London from a different perspective, and there’s no question you’ll be stopping for some Sherlock-appropriate refreshments along the way, too.

As well as these great new attractions included for free in the London Pass there have been other updates, including swapping the paper travelcard for the more cost-effective and easy-to-use Oyster Card, and finally all travel to Windsor Castle is now included free with both a London Pass and London Pass + Travel package. Note: make sure you don’t touch your Oyster Card to travel out to Windsor from Paddington – show your London Pass ONLY.

For more information on what’s included in the London Pass, visit our attractions list. To learn more about the benefits and what you get, click here.


  • Avatar Anggia says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to have “best LDN walks sherlock holmes tour ” on july 3rd. Is it free of charge with my london pass? Do we have to book the tour on advance? Same questions for harry potter tour.
    Thank you and regards.

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Anggia,

      You can enjoy this tour for free – just turn up at Trafalgar Square at 3pm and you can join in with no booking.

      We do not include the Harry Potter Tour.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Sonya Agius says:

    I need to buy 5 adults and 1 child 6 day passes but I don’t have Visa card to buy them online. If I buy them from your London shop I will benefit from the 15%discount? Thanks. Malta.

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Sonya,

      The discounts are online only. If you purchase in our Redemption Centre in London you will pay full price.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Sylvia says:

    Hi, can u please advise how do we find out more about London pass and where we can buy them. Currently we are in London and am trying to find where we can purchase The London pass. Can u please send me more info about the London pass and i need it only for two days. Please advise. If u give me ur contact info, I can call u.




    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Sylvia,

      You can purchase the London Passes on our website and can collect the order whenever you like. Alternatively you can purchase them from the Redemption Centre on 11a Charing Cross Road.

      Enjoy your visit to London!

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Dino says:

    I have purchased 4 “London Passes” for my family, and am trying to organise my stay in London. It is not clear to me if the Bucking Palace Tour is included free in the pass, or if it needs to be purchased separately.
    Many thanks, Dino

  • Avatar shilpa says:


    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Shilpa,

      Thanks for your message. You can find all the information about the London Pass on – this includes the full list of attractions you can visit for free, as well as prices for 4 people.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar florence p. says:

    Hello Sir,
    I noticed that we could have a free trip to Windsor castle with a London Pass containing a Travellcard.May I ask whether a return trip back to London was free too?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Florence,

      The round trip to Windsor and back to London is included in the London + travelcard package. Please ensure you travel from Paddington and change at Slough for your passes to be valid and accepted.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Alex says:

    How can I book and guarantee a ticket for the Science Museum IMAX Theatre before traveling to London?

  • Avatar Pooja Kudva says:

    We have purchased our London pass. Need help to block a slot for the IMAX show based on our preference which happens to be a Sunday. What is the guarantee I will get a seat on my day of arrival? In short: How can I book a confirmed seat at IMAX show using London Pass?

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