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October 25, 2019 3:57 pm

Breathe a steady sigh of glorious relief. You’ve successfully made it through another week. We knew you could do it. But, we’re still proud of you none the same. Put it all behind you now. The weekend is here. Looking for something to take your mind off your week? We made a Friday quiz to get you through the rest of the day. And once you’re done with that, check out our roundup of the week. We’ve even included some things to do the following weekend too. Because we’re great.

Hopefully you didn’t embarrass yourself. Anyway, moving on…


Go explore somewhere spooky

We’ll kick off our roundup of the week with something spooky. One quick glance at your calendar and you’ll likely see something amiss. A jack-o’-lantern, pasted across next Thursday. That’s because it’s Halloween, baby. And what better way to get in the mood for spookiness than by visiting some of the most haunted places in London?

roundup of the week

Some highlights? How about Liverpool Street Station? Yes, every city worker’s favourite final destination has a resident ghost man wandering around the platforms after dark. It’s also built atop a plague pit. Charming. There’s also the tombs beneath London Bridge, which are only for the most daring of those who attend the London Bridge Experience.


Bathe yourself in the lights of Diwali!

Next on our roundup of the week, how about a little bit of good triumphing over evil? Yes, Diwali, the festival of lights, starts this weekend. If you get involved, you’ll be joining around 1 billion people across the globe. All from different walks of life. Trafalgar Square holds its own Diwali celebration every year. Thousands attend, and it’s all completely free! You’ll witness dance performances, find inner peace with a spot of yoga, and even make candles.

roundup of the week

If that doesn’t float your boat, then the National Maritime Museum has its own Diwali celebration. Guest speakers, artist showcases, and even a drum workshop are available. Feel the groove. Throw up your hands. You’ve only so much time until Monday rolls around.


For the gamers

EGX, London’s annual video game showcase, was this past weekend. And, well, there were lots of games. Notably a playable demo of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. And appearances from Sony’s Death Stranding, and CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077. But really, it catered for nearly every facet of gaming. The Esports area was headlined by the Streetfighter V European Finals. Their Careers Fair was on hand to help those seeking to break into the industry. You could even get a tattoo. They really thought of everything.


Any gamer worth their salt should strongly consider next year’s Expo. And luckily for you, we’ve even come up with a little guide for newbies (scroll down to the bottom). We’re nice like that.


What’s coming up over the next couple of weeks

If you’re the type to plan ahead, we salute you. Next weekend, why not check out London’s Day of the Dead? A jolly little palate cleanser for your midweek spooks.

Speaking of spooks, we’ve made a handy guide to Halloween in London, and even one appropriate for kids!

Bonfire Night is also creeping up. Where has this year gone?! As you’d expect, there’s lots of places around London hosting fireworks displays and the like. There’s a bonfire cruise, because if there’s one thing better than a fireworks display, it’s having said dance off the water’s reflection!

roundup of the week

There are also more traditional shows, like Alexandra Palace’s famed Fireworks Festival. And Crystal Palace’s Firework’s Spectacular.

And that’s our roundup of the week, and a little look into next week too. What are you getting up to this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

If the above suggestions don’t take your fancy, how about a pizza? Check out the best London has to offer. Are you a gamer looking to sink a couple of pints with likeminded people? Find your new favourite local. Whatever you get up to, stay classy, and enjoy yourselves.

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