Take the stress out of sightseeing with an Oyster Card

February 6, 2015 4:49 pm

The London Pass has just launched a new product package to take care of all your transport and sightseeing needs in one go. A step up from the paper travelcard as previously offered, we’ve upgraded into the electronic world of the Oyster Card!

Local Londoners can’t live without their Oyster Cards and we wanted to roll it out to you, too! It’s the best way of travelling on the London transport network as the Oyster Card lets you travel whenever, and pretty much wherever you want to on London’s transport network, within your credit limit.

Sound like something you might be interested in? In a nutshell, this is how it works.

Electronic travelcard

The Oyster Card is an electronic travelcard which never expires, ie, is not stamped with a date. It works on a tap-in and tap-out system, whereby the Oyster Card is charged up with credit that is deducted after every journey depending on the zones you cover. The Oyster Card is a more efficient alternative to daily paper travelcards and journeys with an Oyster Card work out cheaper as journeys are capped daily.

Saving money

If you have an Oyster Card, a single journey in central London on the tube (zones 1 – 2, where the majority of the top London Attractions are) will cost you just £2.90. As all Oyster Cards have a daily capped rate (meaning any journeys after that amount won’t be charged) it often means you can travel a lot further, for cheaper. For instance, the daily capped rate of zones 1 – 2 is only £6.40, a bargain! If you’re not a fan of the underground, and like things to be above-ground, journeys by bus with an Oyster Card will cost you even less at just £1.50 for a single ride.


The Oyster Card can be used on any of the London transport networks, including the tube, buses, overground trains and DLR. What’s more, unlike a paper travelcard, the Oyster Card can be used at whatever time of day, any day of the week – until your credit runs out.


The credit system is pretty straight forward with an Oyster Card. If you opt for a London Pass with Oyster Travelcard package, you will receive an Oyster Card pre-charged with credit, relating to the duration of your London Pass. For instance:

1 Day Adult London Pass + Travel: £10 Credit

2 Day Adult London Pass + Travel: £15 Credit

3 Day Adult London Pass + Travel: £25 Credit

6 Day Adult London Pass + Travel: £40 Credit

10 Day Adult London Pass + Travel: £50 Credit

This has been designed with an average sightseer’s habits in mind. Should you be left with credit on your Oyster Card at the end of your trip, it’s fine because neither your card or credit will expire meaning you can use it at a later date if you visit London again in the future. If you end up spending all of your credit before your stay is over, you can top up at any of the stations or Transport for London desks.

If you think you’d benefit from a London Pass with Oyster Card on your trip to London, find out more about how the Oyster Card works here, and tips for using the London Underground.


  • Avatar Gina says:

    I will be in London for approx 12 days and would like to use the travel card both before and after I use the London Pass. Question 1) If I purchase the London Pass with travel for 6 days can I start using the Oyster card right away without activating the London pass? Question 2) Does the original prepaid travel amount have to be used in 6 consecutive days?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Gina,

      Thanks for your message.

      1) The Oyster Card works independently of the London Pass, meaning you can start using it whenever you like to travel around London. The London Pass will become activated upon entry at your first attraction.

      2) If you order the Oyster Card within the London Pass Travel package, the 6 day oyster card will come with £40 pre-charged credit. This does not have to be used on consecutive days as there is no ‘expiry date’ or ‘start date’ on the electronic card, it is just valid for the duration of your credit value. The Oyster Card does not restrict travel by day or time.

      Hope this helps!

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar stephan says:


    i am thinking about buying the London pass with the travel Card for my Family of 5.
    during one day, we would like to see the Warner Studios in Wattford. Is that way inlcuded with the Travelpass or do i have to pay that extra. and if so, how much would it be?
    best wishes,

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Stephan,

      Great to hear you’re considering a London Pass for your visit to London!

      If you choose a London Pass with Travel package, it will include an Oyster Card. This will come pre-charged with credit. You can use it to get as far as Watford Junction, however to get the remainder of the way you are best consult http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/your-visit/getting-here to complete your journey. That will not be covered with the Oyster Card. And bear in mind the Warner Studios are not included free in the London Pass either, you will have to pay admission costs.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Bruce Allen says:

    I’ll be visiting London for just 2 full days and want to see as much as possible. Since I will be using the Tube a lot I want to be sure how it works. If I only went in zones 1-2 I would only be charged 6.40 pound per day no matter how many trips I too ?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your message.

      If you are in London for two days and buy an Oyster Card, your daily caps will be £6.40 per day. But bear in mind that if you make a lot of your journeys in peak time, it could charge you more. Don’t forget a lot of London attractions are actually very close to each other so you’ll find you can walk to some rather than take the tube as well.

      For more information about capping and the costs visit our page http://www.londonpass.com/london-transport/oyster-card.html or the Transport for London website.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar ANASTASIA says:


    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Anastasia,

      Thank you for your message.

      Yes – that’s exactly what the London Pass is for is to save money. It’s designed to help you economize while visiting the best of what London has to offer, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and many more. With over 60 attractions at your disposal included in the pass, as well as the option of adding on a travelcard to cover all your transport needs, you can save money and time with the London Pass.

      Click here to find out more: http://bit.ly/1B1TDfk

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar colm farrell says:

    Hi I am visiting london soon do I need to buy both an oyster card for travel and a pass card for entry into attractions.

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Colm,

      The London Pass + Travel option includes a London Pass which you use to enter 60+ top attractions for free and the Oyster Travelcard part of the package gives you unlimited travel across central London.

      For more information visit our Travel pages which explains the product and make up in more detail: http://www.londonpass.com/london-transport/index.html

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Naomi Takasu says:

    I might be misunderstanding this. It says “the daily capped rate of zones 1 – 2 is only £6.40”. Does that mean if I were to stay within zone 1-2, then I’ll be better off with my regular pre-paid oyster card? I purchased this and used this in 2013, and still have about 9 pounds on it. And I AM staying within zone 1-2. Should I just use my old oyster card? Thanks.

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Naomi,

      In this instance, yes, if you already have a pre-paid Oyster Card in your possession you can still use it and any remaining credit you have on it.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar satish says:

    if i buy london pass + oyster card for 2 days. is it compulsory to utilize the same on two cosiqutaive days /

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Satish,

      No the Oyster Card does not have to be used on consecutive days as the credit will only expire when you have used it all up.

      The London Pass

  • Avatar ada says:

    If I purchase a oyster card and did not use all the value, can i request a refund on remaining value?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Ada,

      If you have more than £8 remaining you can claim a refund at a Transport for London ticket desk. We do advise that you keep the credit on the card however, in case you return to London in the future. The credit will never expire so you can use it again if you have any remaining at the end of your trip.

      The London Pass

  • Avatar Kata Ittzes says:

    If I buy a London Pass with a travel option, can I topthe Oyster card f I need more travel? I’ll be staying in Zone 5 so travel will cost much more. Or shoul I buy a separate Oyster card?
    My other questino: can I start using the Oyster 3 days earlier than the 6-day London Pass?

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Kata,

      You can top up the Oyster, yes, and you do not need to buy two. One Oyster Card is all you need to journey around London. If you are staying in zone 5 and coming into central London every day you might find you need to top up before the end of your stay; but that depends on how you use it. You can start using the Oyster Card independently of the London Pass and it will not activate the London Pass. It is not consecutive-day dependent either, it just works with a credit and debit system.

      For more information on how the oyster card works, it’s fully explained on our travel pages: http://www.londonpass.com/london-transport/

      The London Pass

  • Avatar J Charles says:

    Hello, my family is coming to London this summer. We plan on being there 7 days and like what the London Pass offers. We are planning a couple of day trips outside of London, to Stonehenge and MGM Studios. With the London Pass activating at our first attraction, will we be losing two days of London Pass activities by leaving London for other adventures? Thanks so much!

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi there,

      The London Pass works on a consecutive day basis. So perhaps your best option would be to visit the out-of-London places first, and then activate your card when you will stay in London, to use it for the rest of your trip. If you purchase a 5 Day London Pass, you won’t loose any days if you spend 2 days visiting Stonehenge etc.

      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Gabriel says:


    So if I understand well, london pass is one card and oyster is another card, that can be used separated?

    Can I buy only the oyster card and have it sent to south america?

    Thank you very much

    • Avatar London Pass Blogger says:

      Hi Gabriel,

      The London Pass and Oyster Card are two separate products. You can only buy them together as a package online at http://www.londonpass.com however if you wanted to buy the London Pass on its own, you could buy the Oyster Card when you arrive in London from any of the transport stations in the city or airports. You cannot have it sent out to you before you travel unless you order it online via our website.

      Hope this helps.
      The London Pass Team

  • Avatar Irem says:


    Me and 2 of my cousins are coming to London for 18 days. We are very happy to hear that there is a 10 day London Pass. You’re great!
    We bought our 10 day London pass card within Oyster card. We’re very excited! Thank you for making 10 day London Pass!

  • Avatar Erica says:

    I am planning to buy London Pass+Oyster Card but I would like to know if I will be able to use to go to Stonehenge and To Cambridge.

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