The Top London Attractions (According to Instagram)

August 30, 2017 10:00 am

Beef up your Instagram with these London attractions

Millions of people come to London every year and each of them take at least a handful of photographs. Here’s some of the most snapped London attractions below:

Buckingham Palace

Pop your head into Buckingham Palace to greet Queen Elizabeth, who still calls this impressive building her royal residence. While its state rooms are only open to the public in the summer months, if you actually manage to get in then there’s a strict ban on photos inside the palace (but it’s still absolutely worth going). In the meantime, its gilded gates have long served as popular Instagram fodder and always bustle with people cramming their cameras between the bars for the perfect shot.

Tower of London

At one time, the Tower of London was amongst the most impressive structures along the River Thames. Now, it serves as a stark reminder of the past amidst the glassy skyscrapers. From the Beefeaters in their traditional navy and scarlet uniform to the crown jewels glittering in their case, there’s a number of photo opportunities you’re not going to want to miss out on.

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Westminster Abbey

This church has seen many things: Kate and Will’s wedding, funerals of significant figures and countless royal coronations – now it’s your turn to see it through a camera lens. With stunning Gothic architecture and a number of beautiful art pieces hung along its walls, it’s a dream for photographers and tourists alike.

Big Ben & Houses of Parliament

While Big Ben’s loud chimes have been silenced for renovations, it’s still photographic gold – especially when snapped from across the river with the Houses of Parliament in the background. It’s also incredibly easy to get to, just pop your head out of the Westminster tube and it’s right across the road.

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London Eye

While the London Eye may not be as old as the Houses of Parliament or Tower Bridge, it’s now become an iconic part of the London skyline. For an unrivalled panorama of the city, jump into one of the ferris wheel’s crystal cabins at sunset for a view over the English capital then make time to really explore everything else that Southbank has to offer.

Tower Bridge

Not to be confused with the more drab London Bridge, this gorgeous piece of British engineering is one that you’ll definitely recognise. While you’ll be incredibly lucky if you get to see the bridge split for passing boats, a sky high glass walkway has now been opened to the public. For a truly vertigo-inducing shot, snap the passers bys and boats under your feet.

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine – and the shadows will fall behind you”

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Brick Lane

Brick Lane is one of London’s most beloved and photographed areas, packed to the brim with kooky boutiques, restaurants and graffiti. The imposing black and white heron that watches over the area is perhaps one of the most popular Instagram shots, though there’s a whole list of fantastic street art worth scouting out and photographing.

Red Phone Booths

It doesn’t get more British than this. While nobody really uses the red phone booths anymore, they’re still dotted around the capital and continue to provide many a tourist-y photo op.

Good morning London!

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Trafalgar Square

This gigantic open square is used for big events like London Pride, Canada Day and more, but when there’s not a special occasion happening then it also serves as a great photo spot. It’s a tradition for people to climb on top of the bronze lions that circle the monument in its centre, however do be careful – people have been known to hurt themselves falling off them.

Abbey Road

Nobody can forget the iconic Beatles Abbey Road album – let alone its album cover. Many have headed out to recreate their own version of the cover with their travel buddies though it may take a few tries to get it completely perfect.

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