British Pub Food You Should Order

September 16, 2019 6:00 pm

Feeling hungry? You will be after taking our British pub food quiz below!

Let us set the scene. You’ve grabbed a pint from the bar and settled into the corner booth with a menu in hand. You want some classic British pub food, but everything looks so damn delicious! How do you decide what to eat?

You’re in the mood for a comforting pie. But then the fish & chips looks good, too. Perhaps you’ll try something new? A toad in the hole? Sounds a bit French, you think. Oh, you’re a funny old soul when you’ve had half a pint of bitter. Someone at work was telling you about Tofish & Chips. Maybe that? I didn’t know fish had toes, you mutter to yourself. Or is that a fish which is entirely toe? Seriously, you are killing it this lunchtime. Oh, what’s this? There’s nothing a traditional roast dinner can’t fix, but no…

You scream. What am I doing with my life? IT’S TOO HARD!

Don’t worry. Breathe. They’re serving food until 9pm today. And we’ve got you covered.

Take the stress away from picking and choosing by simply taking our totally 100% sophisticated quiz below, and we’ll help figure out what pub grub you should order next!

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